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The ProTA Platform: macOS and iOS

ProTA has expanded beyond the desktop!


The new ProTA market analysis platform now consists of a powerful macOS-based desktop

application (ProTA 4.3) as well as new companion mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.


Pinch to zoom, drag to scroll, swipe to page.  Switch between Chart Suites, Templates, Periodicities.  Manage a custom tickers database, automated data refreshing options, iCloud syncing and much more.


Your existing ProTA Activation Code unlocks every powerful feature on all of your devices.

Sync your ProTA macOS desktop Chart Suites to all of your iOS devices.

Your Charts, Indicators, Smartlists, current News, Fundamentals are always kept up to date.


No matter where you find yourself, your custom analysis is always just a tap away!



Dark Mode

Full support for Dark Mode when used with macOS Mojave or Catalina.

New Indicators

Auto Linear Regression Trendlines help to highlight the recent trend

in prices along with key support and resistance lines.

Auto Rangelines highlight the recent trading range and help to

predict potential support and resistance lines.

 Japanese Heikin-Ashi charting as well as Closes-Based Candlesticks.

New Functions

Old 4.2 code results in 2 default line plots requiring manual formatting

New 4.3 code directly provides the desired droplines plot

New ProTAscript pragmas !Line and !RangeFill allow you to specify the colors and

 formatting of your Custom Indicator plots, right in the code itself:

The new Correlation() function allows you to compare any two arrays of data for positive or negative correlations.

In this example, each stock's recent Daily change is compared and correlated to the S&P 500 Index and then ranked in the table.

New Functions










Additional New Features


Forward/Previous Chart commands

Display Weekly & Monthly Volumes as Totals vs. Averages

Save file sheets now include a Save Location popup menu

Copy Entire Chart to paste all values into spreadsheets

NYSE Holidays updated through 2021


Many more time-saving additions and improvements

As with all ProTA updates, ProTA 4.3 and the associated iPhone and iPad apps are free for all users.

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