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ProTA running on an iPhone, iPad, iMac and Powerbook Pro

Current version: 4.5 released 5/21/24

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Technical & Fundamental Analysis Combined

ProTA delivers the world of stock market charting and analysis to your

macOS desktop and iOS mobile devices. The best of both worlds,

technical analysis and fundamental analysis combined

into a single comprehensive platform.


Sophisticated, industry-standard analysis tools are at your fingertips.


For the beginner, more than 100 indicators, line studies, smartlists, chart templates and trading systems are built right into ProTA's one-click browser.


For seasoned traders, ProTAscript provides the ultimate flexibility to author your own screens, analytics and trading systems.

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Seamless Integration
Fast and Automatic

"Set it and forget it" Data Maintenance

Seamless Integration

Fast and Automatic

Free and Automatic

market data powered by

Yahoo! Finance*


Comprehensive and

Global in scope

 *For personal use

Data, Charting, Indicators, Screening, Sorting, Trading Systems, Fundamentals, Parameter Optimization


ProTA organizes all areas of market analysis into a simple, harmonious work flow.

As ProTA updates its database, your charts, smartlists and analyses

are automatically

 refreshed to reflect

the latest data.


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Sync your ProTA macOS desktop Chart Suites to all of your iOS devices.

Your Charts, Indicators, Smartlists, current News, Fundamentals are always kept up to date.


No matter where you find yourself, your custom analysis is always just a tap away!

Pinch to zoom, drag to scroll, swipe to page.  Switch between Chart Suites, Templates, Periodicities.  Manage a custom tickers database, automated data refreshing options, iCloud syncing and much more.


A single ProTA Activation Code unlocks every powerful feature on all of your devices.


Analysis and Presentation in Your Preferred Style

Point & Figure Chart
PaintBars Highlighting
Trading System Chart
Annual Performance Chart
Candlesticks Chart
Trendline Breakout
Bollinger Bands
Text Annotation on Chart
BBands Trading System Chart
1x3 Chart Grid

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Market Analysis extends beyond basic charting:



Custom Indicators

System Testing

Parameter Optimization

Trade Tracking



The best way to explore ProTA is to get your hands (and mouse) on it right now!


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You'll be analyzing Apple Inc. and a sampling of additional tickers in less than a minute.

Take control of your trading and investment decisions today!


A single ProTA Activation Code unlocks every powerful feature on all of your devices.


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Updated for macOS 14 Sonoma

Requires 10.14 Mojave or higher

ProTA is a Universal Binary, optimized for the latest Apple Silicon Macs!

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