System Testing

Discover profitable trading strategies before committing real money

One of the most powerful features in ProTA, Trading Systems allow you to determine the historical profitability of your customized trading models.  

A Trading System is a user-defined set of rules that specify when you should buy or sell a security.   Every aspect of a Trading System is fully customizable: rules for triggering a trade entry or exit, stop levels, trade execution methods, and even the accounting methods used to track day-to-day equity balances.

System Testing 1 - 2 - 3

1.  Define a Trading System:  Entry and exit rules, stops, trade execution rules.

ProTA Trading Systems window

2.  Set scope and accounting rules then run a System Test.

Setting Scope and Accounting rules for a ProTA Trading System

3.  Review the results of the test.

ProTA Trading System Test results window

Dozens of trade statistics, sortable tables, trade-by-trade listings, charts of trading activity and day-to-day profitability analyses.  Extremely fast evaluation algorithms compute hundreds of statistics and data points for each test.   

Visualize the results of your trading ideas with dozens of display options.  In the following Chart Suite,  four separate display areas are configured to display information about our “MA Crosses” model:

ProTA Chart Suite displaying Trading System data in three distinct areas


A Meter column is displaying the model’s trade status (long or flat) for the past 10 days.


The current position of the model.


Trades are highlighted in the chart with painted bars, shaded trading ranges, buy and sell arrows, and P&L boxes.


The cumulative equity of the model, based on your specified accounting rules.

Use System Testing to:

Model the real world in your Trading Systems.   

With access to the entire ProTAscript language for your buy and sell rules, you can

define an extremely wide range of trading systems based upon your own logic.  

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