ProTA Version History

This page summarizes all version releases, since the ProTA 4.0 release in 2015.  

To see a more detailed version history of the most recent ProTA 4 releases, please click here.

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4.5 - 178 - 5/21/24  (Current Version)                                                                                   


* Added Global Menubar Extra with rotating ticker display and sortable table of current prices.

* Stock dividend dates can now be displayed as sortable data in content tables.

* Ticker lists (Ticker <tab> Name) can now by copied from the TickerPicker window.

* Ticker lists (Ticker <tab> Name) can now by pasted into the TickerPicker window.

* NYSE Holidays updated through 2026.

* Ticker lists in the Add New Ticker window updated to the most current tickers for each exchange.

* Starter database updated to most current tickers and data.

* Chart Suite file format has been updated in response to an api deprecation.

4.46 - 177 - 3/5/24                                                                                 


* Added right-click menu to the Y! button in Ticker Inspector panels for direct navigation to 8 related Yahoo! Finance pages for any ticker.

* The trade data entered into any Content Table Row is now included when Copy/Pasting rows between Chart Suites.

* Fixed the Estimated Forward EPS value reported from Yahoo.

* Additional macOS Sonoma adjustments.

4.45 - 176 - 1/6/24                                                                       


* Improved the restoration of content table's scroll position when re-opening a saved chart suite.  

* Additional display adjustments added for macOS 14 Sonoma.

* Minimum required macOS bumped to 10.14 Mojave, replacing older, deprecated code.

4.44 - 175 - 9/28/23                                                                                 


* Added support for macOS Sonoma 14.

* Dividend Rate and Yield are now Forward values (were Trailing values).

* Expanded Fundamental Data capturing for more regions and macOS versions.

* Fixed drawing issue for Range Ruler fill/frame option. 

4.43 - 171 - 5/6/23                                                                                 


* New Fundamental data acquisition approach implemented.

* Added new fundamental data record and associated ProTAscript command:  $Beta.

* Added option and shift-option File menu commands to batch export chart image files.

* Added Lock Tickers command/toggle to Charts menu to help prevent accidentally changing a chart's assigned ticker symbol.

* Improved Trade Data Inspector panel to more clearly allow for short sales.

* Adding an indicator, line study or text item to a chart no longer forces a previously hidden right-side panel to slide out.

* Fixed Range Ruler text rendering issue (iOS only).

* Fixed certain Content Table trade data cells to properly display empty cells when previously entered trade data has been cleared out.

* Fixed unwanted ghost crosshairs that could render when a chart suite window was in full screen mode.

* Fixed issue where the Function Library could remain empty if its search box was typed into and then cleared.

* Fixed text color issue for System Test reports when rendered in dark mode.

* Fixed possible crash when applying Settings to Lines Studies or Text items.

* Many code updates for macOS deprecations.

4.421 - 169 - 10/31/22                                                                                 


* Fixed a potential mouse-tracking issue with macOS Ventura. 

4.42 - 168 - 10/25/22                                                                                 


* Added support for macOS 13 Ventura.

* Added automatic file-repairing for certain ProTA data files that could become corrupted under rare circumstances with older versions of ProTA, particularly Column Template files.

* Several alerts and tooltips have been added/expanded upon for additional clarity. 

4.41 - 167 - 8/26/22                                                                                 


* Added alert when attempting to edit a non-editable chart background color per user-preference setting.

* Intraday line studies now retain their intraday anchor date(s) when making edits in their inspector panel.

* Intraday timeframe Crosshairs tool now renders properly onto any other open Daily periodicity charts.

* Improved the global persistence state of all File Browser table column widths.

* File Browser's "Modified" table column  can now be shrunk to a more hidden width.

* Fixed potential app crash related to TickerIsInSuite() function.

4.4 - 166 - 3/25/22                                                                                   


* Added Volume Profile indicator

* All line formatting gear widgets now include new highlighting options to render a high/low value bubble onto the chart.

* All line formatting gear widgets now include new highlighting option to individually toggle the y-axis price highlight box.

* !Line1() - !Line5() ProTAscript pragmas now accept an additional (optional) fifth parameter to specify any of the new price highlighting options: HLY.

* Added !Text0 through !Text9 ProTAscript  pragmas to translate custom indicator numeric values into text values for display in Content Tables.

* Added ProTAscript function TickerIsInSuite().

* Added Fill and Frame options to the RangeRuler line study.

* Choosing cmd-T when viewing a chart suite will now mirror the same ticker selection in the TickerPicker window.

* Added Remove Selected Tickers command to TickerPicker gear/contextual popup menus.

* option-clicking the + button to add row(s) to a chart suite now allows you to specify brand new ticker(s) to be added simultaneously to both the chart suite and the TickerPicker.

* option-clicking the - button in a chart suite now removes selected ticker(s) both from the chart suite and the TickerPicker.

* Fixed issue pasting tickers into content tables when text included unicode/emoji characters.

* Custom Indicator plot Adornments now respect the !SkipZeros pragma.

* Sync Time Scale now better respects the X-axis "End With Last Date" setting in multi-grid chart suites.

4.313 - 163 - 9/28/21                                                                                   


* Chart Suites can now be accessed via hotkeys, command-1 through command-0 keyboard shortcuts.

* Added Hourly and Daily Auto-Sync options to the ProTA Mobile Sync window.

* Added Swiss stocks to built-in ticker lists.

* Trendlines are now more intelligently hidden from display when switching Periodicities.

* Improved pane-matching logic when applying a Chart Template that contains Texts and Line Studies.

* Chart X-Axis scroll-one-date arrow cursors are now properly disabled when chart is fully scrolled to beginning or end of data.

* Fixed formatting of text in the New Version alert window.

* Fixed issue with multiple crosshairs displaying when other windows were merged into hidden tabs.

4.312 - 160 - 5/11/21                                                                              


* When adding new tickers, the Ticker Lists now include new categories for Cryptos and Futures.

* Updated all existing Ticker List categories with current lists from the various exchanges.

* The following ProTAscript functions now accept variable (Array) parameters: AutoLRTL(), AutoRL(), AutoTL(), StdDev(), MA().

* Added Scroll Chart One Date Forward/Backward commands and related mouse-clickable areas on the Time (X) Axis.

* Added Edit Name command to source file tables' gear widget.

* Adding a new file to authoring windows now begins an immediate edit session of the Untitled default name.

* Daily Trendlines are now hidden on Intraday charts to prevent misleading renders.

* Custom Indicator file and Trading System file modification triggers are now more strictly determined to limit unnecessary chart recalculations.  

* Intraday timeframe Crypto and Index charts will now update around the clock.  

* Reduced iCloud Sync file size by removing additional unnecessary files before uploading. 

* Improved timing fidelity of automated Yahoo sessions.

* Fixed issue with multiple crosshairs displaying when other windows were hidden to the Dock.

* Fixed a potential corruption issue when adding and removing many columns to a content table over time.

4.31 - 158 - 3/31/21

* Adjustments to accommodate changes to Yahoo's downloads policy.

* Exporting intraday data now includes time of day in the date field.

* Fixed time zone shifting issue related to intraday charting.

* Additional stability bug fixes.

4.301 - 155 - 12/18/20

* Fixed possible crashing issues with several indicators.

4.3 - 154 - 11/18/20

* Complete compatibility and support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and macOS 11 Big Sur.

* Support for Dark Mode under 10.14 (Mojave) and higher.

* Added new Standard Indicator Auto Linear Regression Trendlines.

* Added ProTAscript function AutoLRTrendline().

* Added new Standard Indicator Auto Retracements.

* Added ProTAscript function AutoSupportResistance().

* Added Heikin-Ashi charting.

* Added ProTAscript function HeikinAshi().

* Added Close-Based Coloring option to Candlesticks.

* Added ProTAscript function Correlation().

* Added ProTAscript function Median().

* Added ProTAscript functions NumBars() and BarNum().

* Added ProTAscript pragmas !Line and !RangeFill to specify plotted formatting directly in code.

* Added Forward/Previous Chart commands.

* Added Preference to display Weekly & Monthly Volumes as Totals vs. Averages.

* Save file sheets now include a Save Location popup menu.

* Copy Entire Chart command now copies all plotted indicators in the chart to a text table for pasting into external spreadsheets.

* Added reminder alert when Activation is near expiration date.

* NYSE Holidays updated through 2021.

* ProTAscript interpreter now recognizes curly quotation marks in addition to the straight ASCII.

* Added 50+ new custom indicators, trading systems, smartlists and templates to the default installation.

* Trading System plots now color the Text Markers based on whether the trade is a winner or loser.

* Linear Regression Line Study now displays %diff and annualized $diff in pane heading.

* Removed inadvertent Contacts folder warning.

* Improved integrity of data when Quitting ProTA with computations in progress.

* Improved accuracy of built-in StandardDeviations indicator.

* Improved cookie management with Yahoo Finance.

* Custom Indicator columns can now show a Total as well as an Avg.

* Yahoo Intraday downloads will import properly for users with non-USA Dates & Numbers Preferences.

* Fixed issue when manually editing fields in the Mappings window.

* Fixed issue with Pane Heading values when viewing PaintBars plot.

* Fixed interface issue with Show/Hide source file panels.

* Fixed hidden % P&L issue related to MOO Exit Execution orders in some plotted Trading Systems.

* Fixed issue with exporting and importing File Archives from multiple/different ProTA users.

* Fixed issue with UTI pragmas being ignored.



4.2994 - 141 - 3/3/20


* Fixed an issue with Yahoo's intraday data stream reporting incorrect final day close after the markets had closed.

* Fixed an issue affecting attempted intraday downloads performed on weekends.



4.2992 - 139 - 9/20/18


* Fixed an issue with Yahoo's intraday data stream reporting incorrect final day close after the markets had closed.

* Fixed an issue affecting attempted intraday downloads performed on weekends.



4.2991 - 138 - 8/22/18


* Google has terminated its intraday api.  ProTA is now using Yahoo Finance for all data.



4.299 - 135 - 5/19/18


* Improved safety of file saves in exceptional cases.

* Yahoo Australia historical date adjustment now applied only to range of their bad-dates: 9/30/17-4/1/18.

* Fixed possible crash when using ProTAscript functions AbandonedBaby() or RoundDown().



4.298 - 134 - 3/21/18


* News feeds now provided by Yahoo (was Google).

* Fixed an Idle bug affecting Content Tables with > 32 columns.



4.297 - 133 - 3/13/18


* Corrected a memory issue related to date processing.



4.296 - 132 - 3/7/18


* Adapted to a change in Google's intraday data; now receiving near realtime for USA.

* Improved memory recovery related to intraday data updates.

* New file 'Yahoo End Of Day Errors.txt' saved to Logs folder in connection with Historical End of Day Data Downloading.

* Hidden right panel now always remains hidden when re-opening a saved Chart Suite.

* Added temporary fix for Yahoo's mis-dated Australian and New Zealand historical databases.



4.295 - 131 - 1/25/18


* Updated FOREX ticker list to include 10 large-market cryptocurrencies (for Historical, end-of-day data).

* Updated logic for better processing of large dividends in Yahoo Historical Data downloads.

* Data Downloader will now skip over bad Yahoo records when the Close is reported as 0.00.

* Fixed a potential ProTA startup issue failure, related to Fundamentals.

* Fixed a memory leak related to Meter cells in Chart Suite Content Tables.

* Fixed an issue when a Content Table's Change or %Change cell could show a blank/empty cell if there were any zero Close values reported by Yahoo in the last 10 dates.

* Modernized code removing deprecated api usage (CFGregorianCalendar, beginSheetModalForWindow, NSOKButton, others).



4.292 - 128 - 11/28/17


* Reinstated automated Fundamental Data acquisition.

* Added new settings in Data Downloader window related to Fundamental Data.

* Added new Log in Logs window related to Fundamental Data.

* Fixed a bug in the intraday downloader leading to an excessive number of Historical EOD download sessions.

* Fixed a bug that could cause some saved chart suites to crash when re-opening.



4.291 - 127 - 11/15/17


* Fixed a bug preventing ASX shares from obtaining intraday data.

* Fixed a bug in the ProTA 3 Upgrade processing which failed to connect Custom Indicators to their host charts.



4.29 - 125 - 11/9/17


* Intraday data is now provided by Google and is necessarily throttled to 100 tickers per intraday session.

* Fixed a "Failed to Initialize ProTA Database" error in cases where an older ProTA data folder is no longer mounted.

* Improved reliability of the recurring timing of automated data downloader sessions.

* Improved handling of null intraday zero-data price points.

* Requires a minimum of macOS 10.10 (was 10.7) to use all features.


4.283 - 123 - 9/27/17


* News headlines are now provided by Google.



4.282 - 122 - 9/15/17


* Update to support changes in the intraday data downloading api.



4.281 - 121 - 8/23/17


* Reduced network overhead related to Yahoo and version checking.

* Fixed a Trading System Report bug where Traded Last Date was reporting ExitShort when in fact the trade was an ExitLong.



4.28 - 120 - 7/11/17


* Improved Dividend and Splits handling for the latest Yahoo Historical Data formatting changes.

* Removed the Realtime Data checkbox from the Data Downloader window (this feature was removed by Yahoo).

* Updated the built-in Ticker Lists for all exchanges.

* Added Frankfurt Stock Exchange to the built-in Ticker Lists.

* Improved option-key swipe left/right for single-date scrolling of charts.



4.27 - 119 - 6/25/17


* Addresses the latest Yahoo Historical Data api change, now including dynamic adjustments for future changes.



4.26 - 118 - 6/12/17


* Re-establishes intraday charting periodicities.

* Re-establishes the intraday chart inspector at bottom right (cmd-I to inspect ticker).

* Added 15, 30 and 60 minute bars, with longer time frames, in addition to 1 and 5 minute.

* NYSE Holidays updated through 2019.

* Improved the 'New Version Available" alert.

* Fixed an issue related to the new Yahoo Historical Data api for split-adjusted data.



4.25 - 117 - 5/23/17


* Addresses the recent changes regarding access to Yahoo Historical end-of-day data.

* Yahoo has restricted the access to 1 min and 5-min data and as such these features have been removed from ProTA.

* The reported "Quote files updated" in Yahoo End of Day Download Logs is now more accurate.

* Fixed the display of escaped characters such as &apos; in the headline news text.



4.24 - 114 - 5/3/17


* Additional adjustments accommodating the new Yahoo Intraday downloads policy.



4.23 - 113 - 5/2/17


* Added checkbox "Realtime Data" to the Yahoo Downloads window (for now, that box should be left unchecked).



4.22 - 112 - 4/25/1


* Fixed an issue preventing Yahoo Finance intraday updates.

* ProTA now correctly saves the Preferences settings for Chart Price Highlights.



4.21 - 111 - 4/20/17


* Updated parsing compatibility for changes made by Yahoo News RSS Feed.

* Improved reliability of the timing of Yahoo Automated Download session if the computer has gone to sleep.

* Delete key is now properly disabled while viewing a Smartlist Chart Suite.

* Candle pattern AbondondBaby() is now properly spelled AbandonedBaby() - please update any of your affected ProTAscripts.

* Fixed possibility of a crash when plotting a custom indicator using the pragma !IgnoreZeros.

* Holding down option-key while launching ProTA should ALWAYS show the "Specify ProTA data folder" window.



4.2 - 110 - 2/24/17


* Major New Feature:  Intraday Charting.  ProTA now obtains and displays intraday periodicities.  All charts now include a 5 Minute and 1 Minute periodicity option.  Clicking the Periodicity indicator in a chart now cycles between Daily, 5 Min and 1 Min views.


* Major New Feature:  Intraday Inspector.  Two new Ticker Inspector modes are available in any chart:  Intraday Chart Inspector as well as a combined News & Intraday Chart Inspector.   Click the inspector's periodicity to toggle between a 5 Min and 1 Min chart.  Click the Inspector's Time (X) Axis to adjust zoom levels.  Right-click the Inspector's Chart to configure settings/colors.


* Major New Feature:  Meters.  Content Tables can now display graphical representations of data including Trend Meters, Heat Meters, Level Meters, Strength Meters and +/- Meters.


* New Indicator:  Auto Trendlines automatically computes support and resistance trendlines based on recent trading data.


* Added syntax-coloring.  All custom indicator, smartlist and trading system formulas are now color-coded based on the syntax of the code.

* Added preferences to customize syntax coloring.

* Added preferences to customize the font used in all custom indicator, smartlist and trading system displays.


* Added Thicker Bars checkbox to Bars Inspector to enable rendering of wider Bars at lower x-axis spacing levels.

* Plotted trading systems now additionally report the % P&L for open positions in the chart's pane heading when dragging the mouse down.

* The Yahoo Data Downloader's Recollect End Dates setting has been adjusted to default to 3 to ensure ProTA is able to catch all stock splits and dividends.

* When a split or dividend is detected in any Yahoo data session, ProTA now re-downloads the entire quotes historical to ensure all historical data is properly adjusted.

*  Fixed possible bug when computing the implicit "Latest" date to be used in Smartlists that set to Evaluate Date(s) "Latest Date".

*  Fixed an issue when attempting to obtain intraday data for un-adjusted tickers (AAPL!) .

*  Fixed a possible bug in TickerPicker if database was previously saved in an inconsistent state.

*  Fixed a race condition when resolving file associations in non-main-thread computational threads.

*  Improve the ability to select a PaintBars and TradingSystem plot via mouse click.  (You can now click the shaded area or markers with the mouse.)

*  "Show XXX Quotes Data" command now properly reveals the selected ticker in the TickerPicker window.

*  Tab key now properly navigates between edit fields in all Inspectors.

*  Fixed possible issue with Save/SaveAs sheets not allowing the OK button to enable.

*  Pressing option or shift-option keys in the Add Tickers window now displays 'unadjusted ticker symbols' properly.

*  Fixed an issue preventing some 'unadjusted tickers' from receiving Intraday quotes from Yahoo.

*  Fixed a Yahoo issue where some ETF's could download and import data for Saturdays.

*  Several minor updates for macOS Sierra (10.12).



4.12 - 106 - 5/3/16


* Fixed a bug when applying a Columns Template to a table with the Ticker column moved from the left-most position.

* Fixed a potential race condition if running a Data Download session based on a Smartlist.

* Go To Yahoo Web Site command now also works for unadjusted tickers (AAPL!).



4.11 - 105 - 4/14/16


* Added Remove Duplicate Tickers command to custom chart suite's gear widget popup menu.

* Batch Processing: Delete Quote Records now includes an option to batch delete quotes that are Holidays.

* System Tests results table will now restore with the Avg row visible if table was saved with the last row selected.

* Unadjusted historical data can now be obtained if the ticker symbol is appended or prepended with ! character (eg AAPL! or !AAPL).

* + and - keys now work more consistently to zoom in/out the current chart.

* In the Add Tickers window, hold down option key when clicking the Add button to add tickers appended with ! character (eg AAPL!) in order to obtain unadjusted historical data.  (Or hold down both shift and option keys when clicking the Add button to add tickers prepended with ! character (eg !AAPL)).

* Bug fixes.



4.1 - 104 - 3/13/16

* Major new feature:  Fundamental Data for stocks is now automatically obtained via the Yahoo Data Downloader.

* Added new column type for Chart Suite Content Tables:  Fundamentals - P/E Ratio, P/E Est Next Qtr, P/E Est Next Year, PEG Ratio,  Price/Sales Ratio, Price/Book Ratio, EPS, EPS Current Year, EPS Est Next Year, EPS Est Next Qtr, Book Value per Share, One Year Price Target, Gross Revenue, EBITDA, Market Capitalization, Dividend per Share, Dividend Yield, Last Dividend Date, Ex-Dividend Date, Short Ratio, Float Shares, Shares Outstanding, Stock Exchange.


* Added 20 new ProTAscript keywords to access a ticker's Fundamental data:  $BookValue, $DivPerShare, $DivYield, $EBITDA, $EPS, $EPSEstCY, $EPSEstNQ, $EPSEstNY, $FloatShares, $MarketCap, $OneYearTarget, $PEGRatio, $PERatio, $PriceBookRatio, $PriceEPSEstCYRatio, $PriceEPSEstNYRatio, $PriceSalesRatio, $Revenue, $SharesOutstanding, $ShortRatio.


* Added new Inspector (cmd-I) to display a summary of Fundamental data for the selected ticker.


* Major new feature:  Added new Inspector (cmd-I) to display and link to the latest news headlines for the selected ticker.


* Major new feature:  For USA exchanges, ProTA now obtains realtime data via Yahoo Intraday sessions (was 15min delayed).


* Major new feature:  Export/Import individual file Archives:  Export any Chart Suite, Template, Custom Indicator, Trading System or System Test files to an external Archived file suitable for emailing or otherwise sharing with other ProTA users.


* ProTA will now check online and alert you when a new app version is available.

* TickerPicker search field can now be configured to search Tickers, Names or Both.

* Added new Preference "Notify Open Chart Suites to Select Same Ticker" (enabled by default) to sync all open chart suite windows to select and display the same ticker where possible.

* New ProTAscript function XFILE() allows you to directly read and process external data files within your Custom Indicators, Trading Systems and Smartlists.

* Added Annualized %Change option to Range Ruler line study.

* Type-selecting a ticker in a Chart Suite window will now select the typed ticker even if the Content Table does not have focus.

* "Latest" option in Smartlist will now use a date up to 4 days in the future if it exists in the evaluated quote file.

*  Clear and Re-Download Data command will now obtain both historical data as well as current intraday value if it is available.

*  Added Show Source File button to Inspectors for Custom Indicator and Trading System plots.

*  Added Show Trading System button to the System Test results window to quickly review the system that was tested.

*  Removing rows from a Chart Suite's Content Table now results in a more rational selected row after the action is run.

*  System Test Results now remember and restore the selected test in the results table.

*  In System Test results window, you can now option-click the Re-Run Test button to create a new, duplicate test ready to be run.

*  Saved Chart Suite files now better remember the state of the Inspector panel if a Row or Column was being inspected when the file was saved.

* Reveal in Database Window commands in Chart Suite File Browser gear widget menus will now also force a reveal of the selected file.

* In Chart Suite windows, delete key can now be used to remove the selected rows (Content Table is selected) or Inspected chart item (chart is selected).

* Added right-click menu commands to all Chart Suite File Browser tables.

* Added drag and drop support from Custom Indicators, Trading Systems or Smartlist window to a Chart Suite Window to add the selected plot or smartlist.

* Added drag and drop support from the tables in a Chart Suite's Browser to a chart or content table.

*  Fixed a bug in System Testing where a Stop order could be incorrectly evaluated ahead of a Market on Open Exit trade order.

*  Bug fixes.



4.082 - 97 - 1/22/16

* Addressed an issue with a previously incompatible date format when upgrading a ProTA 3 quotes database for use in ProTA 4 (could result in duplicate dates).  Now fixed.



4.081 - 96 - 1/10/16

* All users should now be able to access the intraday updates from any international stock exchange regardless of local time zone differences.



4.08 - 95 - 12/18/15

* Added Stockholm Sweden Stocks to built-in Ticker Lists (shift-cmd-N).

* Added a more obvious highlighting when Inspecting a Chart Suite Table Column.

* Improved the timing accuracy of automated Yahoo Data sessions after the computer has awoken from sleep mode.

* Fixed a potential crash when creating a Chart Suite from System Test results if "Show Table Panel" was unchecked in Preferences.



4.072 - 94 - 12/2/15

* Added cmd-] and cmd-[ in Charts menu to toggle the left and right panels of a Chart Suite.

* If TickerPicker is front-most window, the New Chart Suite command (cmd-N) will create a new suite using the currently selected ticker(s) in the TickerPicker.

* Yahoo Data Downloader is now more tolerant of large requests which contain many invalid/non-Yahoo tickers.

* Several minor interface fixes to the Yahoo Data Downloader window and UTI window table and alerting panels.



4.071 - 93 - 11/15/15

* Fixed an issue where a Chart Suite's Save As sheet may not reveal itself.



4.07 - 92 - 11/13/15

* Create New Chart Suite command added to TickerPicker's gear widget menu and right-click menu.

* Completion of a System Test now triggers a system notification banner if the test took more than 10 seconds to run.

* Hold down option key when double-clicking a Trading System in the Chart Suite's Browser to add an Equity Line to the chart.

* Added an Avg row to System Test Results tables.

* System Test window's Run Time table column now shows additional state information.


* Improved the computational performance and load/save time of most indicators, smartlists and trading systems.

* Default All Dates range (displayed in Batch Processing and System Testing Scope windows) now defaults the begin date to 1940 (was 1960).

* Creating a new System test via the Run Test button in the Trading Systems window will now display the relevant parameters in the Parameters tab without the need to click the mouse elsewhere.

* Editing Price (Y) Axis Min or Max values will now automatically set the Price (Y) Axis to Manual setting.

* Yahoo sessions are now fully processing request lists that contain a large number of non-Yahoo tickers.

* Show XYZ Quotes Data command now clears any existing search text in TickerPicker window to ensure the ticker is revealed.

* Editing the Entry/Exit Orders popup menu in Trading System's Execution tab now automatically adjusts the 'when' popup menu as necessary.



4.06 - 91 - 11/9/15

* Dates are now internally stored in a more future-proof, timezone-proof manner - a short optimization process will run at first launch of this version.

* Attempting to Quit ProTA with unsaved Chart Suite documents now shows an alert.

* Double-click a chart item to reveal the Source Browser & Inspector panel if it is currently hidden.

* Dragging plots is now easier to initiate on trackpads.

* System Test Date Range options are now unhidden/available for any type of trading system.

* UTI window now persists the state of the Pause checkbox.

* UTI with Automated Guess setting now functions more appropriately for both Paused and un-Paused queues.

* UTI Adjust Fields sheet now accepts user input from text fields immediately (previously, user input could be ignored if OK button was immediately clicked).

* UTI Skip Specific Lines option now accepts additional items via + button in the drop-down sheet.

* Fixed a potential bug if editing a system test or equity line formula or parameters while the plot is still computing and not yet drawn.

* Trade Accounting popup menus for Commissions now properly show % and $ choices.

* P&L and ROI table column inspectors now allow any item to be selected/chosen/displayed in the Period popup menu.



4.05 - 90 - 10/27/15

* Added FOREX symbols to Ticker Lists.

* Updated existing Ticker Lists and added the following exchanges: Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Toronto, Hong Kong, Milan, Lisbon, Madrid, New Zealand, Singapore, London.

* Added new commands when right-clicking any plotted chart item:  Move Forward, Move Backward to adjust the item's drawing layer when there is drawing overlap.

* Right-click chart X-Axis command "Show ABC Quotes Data" now reveals the quotes panel at the date you right-clicked on.

* Clicking a congested area in a chart now shows a popup menu allowing you to choose between selectable items.

* New “Quotes” menu includes several relocated "Tools" commands as well as some new commands.  Charts and Edit menus also include new commands.

* Select or Right-click any plot, Copy command now copies exported text data to clipboard suitable for pasting into any spreadsheet program.

* Right-click chart Main Heading command "Show ABC Quotes Data" now reveals the quotes panel.

* Copy command now copies entire System Test Results table suitable for pasting into any spreadsheet program.

* Currently Selected Chart Arrow (displayed in chart Main Heading at upper-left) now turns gray when the charts area is not the focus of commands (e.g. when the focus is on Content Table or File Browser Table or when editing an Inspector text field).


* Better behavior when closing a window while in fullscreen mode.

* Go to Yahoo's Web Page for Ticker XYZ now works for all Yahoo tickers including indexes (10.9 or higher).

* Popup menus in the System Test window Scope and Accounting tabs are now always selectable.

* !VolumeScale pragma should now work in all Custom Indicator formulas.



4.041 - 89 - 10/7/15

* Fixed an issue for brand new Trial Mode installs possibly saving an invalid path to ProTA data folder.



4.04 - 88 - 9/30/15

* OS X 10.11 El Capitan final updates and optimizations.

* Added tickmark in x-axis to visually indicate we are scrolled to the end of all data.


* Clicking Best Guess in UTI window now disables the Fields widgets rather than hiding them.

* UTI window should now better remember your preferred splitter/table size.

* Increased the size of the arrows drawn for trading system plots and paintbars.

* For some rare data sets, white candles on a white background would not draw a black frame - fixed.

* Fixed an issue where the ProTA data folder became uneditable if the stored preferences location for the folder became invalid.



4.03 - 87 - 9/23/15

* You can now open up to 15 saved chart suites with one click of the Open button (shift-click or cmd-click to select > 1 row).

* Hold down option-key at ProTA launch to create or select between multiple ProTA data folders.

* Hold down option-key when clicking the Show/Hide Quotes panel button to reset the quotes panel height to its default size (240 pixels).

* UTI now accepts more file formats including all csv, CSV, prn, txt file extensions.

* Progress bars in the Yahoo Data Downloader window now show progress more accurately.

* Improved background/threaded performance and a possible race condition for smartlist columns in content tables.

* Purchase Price and Sales Price columns in a Content Table now use the Mixed Lists Preferences setting for number of decimal places displayed.

* Double-click a row in System Test Results table to create a chart suite displaying the test results for that item.


* Fixed an issue where some saved chart suites would not display the finger cursor properly when hovering the mouse over click-able items.

* Fixed an issue where the Upgrade process from v3 could crash if user had opened and closed chart suites windows beforehand.

* Fixed an issue where some Daily data sets could lead to improperly computed Weekly data sets.

* Fixed an issue where clearing all the text in an Inspector text field could crash the program.

* Saved Settings for Line Studies now properly show up in the Settings popup menu in the Inspector panel for Line Studies.

* Yahoo Intraday Sessions should now run properly for users with start - end times that cross midnight.

* Extremely thin Doji Candle bodies are now visible.

* Updated some menus that were still referring to ProTA Gold.



4.021 - 86 - 9/4/15

* Fixed the case where a line plotted on a Log y-scale would draw the optional DropLines to 1.0 instead of 0.0.

* Fixed a chart suite saving bug on older Mac OS versions.



4.02 - 85 - 9/2/15

* Added command in chart Main Heading and X-Axis contextual (right-click) popup menu to "Go to Yahoo's Web Page for <ticker>".

* Click the Next and Last date/time in the Data Downloader window to toggle the display format between absolute and relative.

* Added keystrokes: option+ and option- to adjust the chart's Periodicity up or down.

* Option-click the Mouse Tools button to toggle on/off Sticky mode.  When Sticky mode is on, the Mouse Tool will remain in the line drawing mode until you manually set the mode back to Crosshairs.  When Sticky mode is off, the tool automatically return to Crosshairs after a single line is drawn (default mode).

* Hover mouse over Smartlist results% area in lower-left of Chart Suite to see tooltip of more detailed info.


* Fixed bug:  Choosing Save As for an unsaved chart suite could cause a crash.

* Fixed website link for the Purchase Activation Code menu command.

* Fixed bug in Upgrade process where null Sales Dates were being 'upgraded' to Jan-1-04 Sales Dates.

* Fixed hanging bug when trying to edit Mappings database or Holidays database.

* Fixed an issue when trying to apply a Settings to a Line Study or a Text item.

* Improved the effects when editing a Ticker's ticker symbol in the TickerPicker - we now attempt to update ALL charts and suites to reflect the new ticker symbol.

* Improved safeguards against trying to plot NaN/infinite values.

* Candles now draw frame around body if body color is very similar to chart background color.

* Yahoo Intraday Session Logs now properly report number of items requiring updates.

* The labels at the bottom of the Content Table should now always render in gray and black.

* Windows with Search boxes now remember their search text more persistently until cleared by the user.

* The 3 Comparison Overlay plots now default to using ticker ^GSPC (Yahoo's S&P500 symbol).

* Added the 5 new ProTAscript pragmas to the Function Library.



4.01 - 84 - 8/23/15

* Upgrade tool could crash/hang when upgrading a ProTA 3 Mappings file - fixed.



4.0 - 83 - 8/20/15

Initial Version Release

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