ProTA Version History

This page details the most recent ProTA updates, since the ProTA 4.3 release in 2020.  

To see a more complete version history of all ProTA 4 releases, please click here.

4.5  -  178  -  5/21/24  -  Current Release

New Global Menu with Rotating Ticker of Current Prices

Publish the current prices from your ProTA database to a globally accessible menubar ticker and table in the upper-right of your screen.  

In ProTA, visit the General tab of Settings:

* Click the button to select tickers to be displayed in the Global Menu.  Up to 100 tickers can be included. 

* Click any column heading to sort.

* Click any row to reset the selected menubar ticker.

* Double-click any row to see the ticker charted in the ProTA application.

* Click ProTA to activate the ProTA application.

* Click Settings to configure the table’s columns as well as the information displayed in the menubar.

Note: The ProTA application itself continues compatibility with macOS as far back as 10.14 Mohave, but this new Global Menubar feature can only present itself on macOS 13 Ventura or higher.

View and Sort Stock Dividend Dates in Content Tables

* Dividend pay date and ex-dividend dates are both supported.

TickerPicker Window Directly Supports Import and Export of Tickers via Copy and Paste

Your TickerPicker database can now more easily gain new tickers directly from any spreadsheet or txt source.  The required data format is:

Ticker <tab> SecurityName  (e.g column A and column B).

* Select the columns/cells in your spreadsheet (or tab-delim txt file) then choose Copy.  Switch to ProTA’s TickerPicker window and Paste.

Similarly, lists of securities can easily be exported out to a spreadsheet:

* In the TickerPicker window, select any row or rows of tickers, then choose Copy.  Switch to your spreadsheet and Paste.

Updated Files and Optimization 

* NYSE Holidays updated through 2026.

* Ticker lists in the Add New Ticker window updated to the most current tickers for each exchange.

* Starter database updated to most current tickers and data.

* ProTA 4.5 also uses a new (backward-compatible) file format for the Chart Suites database.


New Navigation Menu For Related Analysis

Every stock chart’s Ticker Inspector (cmd-I) now includes a contextual popup menu (right-click) on the Y! symbol, providing direct links to additional, external analysis for the chosen stock.

* The trade data entered into any Content Table Row is now included when Copy/Pasting rows between Chart Suites.

* Fixed the Estimated Forward EPS value reported from Yahoo.

* Additional macOS Sonoma adjustments.

4.45  -  176  -  1/6/24

* Improved the restoration of content table's scroll position when re-opening a saved chart suite.  

* Additional display adjustments added for macOS 14 Sonoma.

* Minimum required macOS bumped to 10.14 Mojave, replacing older, deprecated code.

4.44  -  175  -  9/28/23

macOS Ventura

* Added support for macOS Sonoma 14.

* Dividend Rate and Yield are now Forward values (were Trailing values).

* Expanded Fundamental Data capturing for more regions and macOS versions.

* Fixed drawing issue for Range Ruler fill/frame option. 

4.43  -  171  -  5/6/23 

* New Fundamental data acquisition approach implemented.

* Added new fundamental data record and associated ProTAscript command:  $Beta.

* Added option and shift-option File menu commands to batch export chart image files.

* Added Lock Tickers command/toggle to Charts menu to help prevent accidentally changing a chart's assigned ticker symbol.

* Improved Trade Data Inspector panel to more clearly allow for short sales.

* Adding an indicator, line study or text item to a chart no longer forces a previously hidden right-side panel to slide out.

* Fixed Range Ruler text rendering issue (iOS only).

* Fixed certain Content Table trade data cells to properly display empty cells when previously entered trade data has been cleared out.

* Fixed unwanted ghost crosshairs that could render when a chart suite window was in full screen mode.

* Fixed issue where the Function Library could remain empty if its search box was typed into and then cleared.

* Fixed text color issue for System Test reports when rendered in dark mode.

* Fixed possible crash when applying Settings to Lines Studies or Text items.

* Many code updates for macOS deprecations.

4.421  -  169  -  10/31/22

* Fixed a potential mouse-tracking issue with macOS Ventura.

4.42  -  168  -  10/25/22

macOS Ventura

* Added support for macOS 13 Ventura.

* Added automatic file-repairing for certain ProTA data files that could become corrupted under rare circumstances with older versions of ProTA, particularly Column Template files.

* Several alerts and tooltips have been added/expanded upon for additional clarity.

4.41  -  167  -  8/26/22

New Alert When Chart Backgrounds Are un-Editable

When a user sets Preferences to Set Chart Backgrounds to Match OS Light/Dark Appearance, all Chart Background color wells necessarily become non-functional.  This could cause a point of confusion, so we’ve added an alert for these situations reminding you of the setting with easy access to editing your Preferences.

Additional Bug Fixes, Quality-Of-Life and Performance Enhancements

* Intraday line studies now retain their intraday anchor date(s) when making edits in their inspector panel.

* Intraday timeframe Crosshairs tool now renders properly onto any other open Daily periodicity charts.

* Improved the global persistence state of all File Browser table column widths.

* File Browser's "Modified" table column  can now be shrunk to a more hidden width.

* Fixed potential app crash related to TickerIsInSuite() function.

4.4  -  166  -  3/25/22

New Indicator - Volume Profile

* Volume Profile displays the trading volume that has taken place at the various price levels within the chart. A unique plot style, Volume Profile renders as a horizontal histogram where each bar represents the number of shares traded at the corresponding price range.  

* Price ranges with low (shorter) Volume Profile bars (L), provide little trading resistance - trading moves quickly, higher and lower, through these areas.  

* Price ranges with high (longer) Volume Profile bars (H), reveal a battle between bulls and bears - these ranges commonly highlight expected support/resistance levels.  

* The price at which the most volume was traded will be the longest bar and is referred to as the Point of Control (POC).  

* The Value Area (VA), typically set to 70%, is the range of prices surrounding the POC such that 70% of the total volume is included in the VA. Highlighting the VA reveals where most of the trading has taken place within the visible chart.

New Price Highlighting Options

* Every chart plot’s popup display menu now includes new Price Highlighting options:

A chart with all three price highlighting options enabled:  High Bubbles, Low Bubbles and Y-Axis Highlighting.

* ProTAscript pragmas !Line1 - !Line5 have been expanded to accept an optional, fifth parameter to specify any of the three new price highlighting options in your Custom Indicator code.   The new, fifth parameter should be any combination of the letters H, L and Y to respectively specify the inclusion of High Bubble, Low Bubble and Y-Axis Highlight for the plotted output line:

!Line1(888888, 1, 0, 0, HL)

Gray color, normal line thickness, no dropline, no adornments, High & Low Bubbles.

!Line1(00FF00, 3, 1, 0, LY)

Green color, fat line thickness,  dropline, no adornments, Low Bubble & Y-Axis Highlight.

New !Text() pragmas to specify custom text and emoji output for your Content Tables

* Any ProTAscript formula can now include up to ten !Text pragmas to convert numerical output into text or emoji output when used in a Chart Suite’s Content Table.  

    !Text1(BUY) will convert the custom indicator’s output to the text BUY whenever the output evaluates to integer 1.

    !Text0(BEARISH) will convert the custom indicator’s output to the text BEARISH whenever the output evaluates to integer 0.

    !Text2(🔥) will convert the custom indicator’s output to the emoji 🔥 whenever the output evaluates to integer 2.

Range Ruler Now Includes Frame and Fill Options

* The Range Ruler Line Study can now render as a framed, and optionally filled, rectangle shape to better highlight trading ranges within a chart.

New ProTAscript Function TickerIsInSuite()

* It is now possible to test if the current ticker is present in any of your saved Custom Content Chart Suite files.  For example, you may have a saved Chart Suite where you have added your 30 favorite stocks.  Let’s assume this saved Chart Suite is named “My Favorites”.  One use for TickerIsInSuite() is to highlight these ‘favorites’ in any chart suite’s content table with a 💎 custom indicator column as shown below:

One-Step Adding and Removing Tickers To/From Both Content Tables and Global TickerPicker Database

* Often when creating a Chart Suite’s content listing, we need to add a new ticker - but sometimes that ticker does not yet exist in your global TickerPicker database.  You can now simply option-click on the + Rows button in any Chart Suite window to add a new Row while specifying a brand new ticker symbol, all in one step.

* Similarly, when reviewing items in a Chart Suite, we often find items that should be removed, not just from this particular document, but also from the global TickerPicker.  You can now simply option-click on the - Rows button in any Chart Suite window to remove the ticker from the current window as well as from the TickerPicker database.

Additional Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

* Choosing cmd-T when viewing a chart suite will now mirror the same ticker selection in the TickerPicker window.

* Added Remove Selected Tickers command to TickerPicker gear/contextual popup menus.

* Fixed issue pasting tickers into content tables when text included unicode/emoji characters.

* Custom Indicator plot Adornments now respect the !SkipZeros pragma.

* Sync Time Scale now better respects the X-axis "End With Last Date" setting in multi-grid chart suites.

4.313  -  163  -  9/28/21

ProTA 4.313 is a recommended update for all users including new hotkey features, automated syncing to iCloud for use with ProTA Mobile, updated Ticker Lists and several notable bug fixes and performance optimizations. 

Access Your Favorite Chart Suites with Hotkeys

* Chart Suites can now be accessed via hotkeys:  -1 through -0 keyboard shortcuts.  

* Assign or remove hotkey assignments via new commands in the File menu or in the Chart Suites Gear widget menu.

Automatically Sync Your Files to iCloud For Use With ProTA Mobile 

* Your ProTA Mobile app is always ready for a database sync with the new Daily or Hourly Auto-Sync options in the ProTA Mobile Sync window. 

* Click the new Gear widget in the ProTA Mobile Sync window to configure the timing of the automated uploads.

Ticker Lists Updated To Include Swiss Stock Exchange

* When adding new ticker symbols to your ProTA database, the Ticker Listing popup now includes an option for Swiss Stocks.

Additional Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

* Trendlines are now more intelligently hidden from display when switching Periodicities.

* Improved pane-matching logic when applying a Chart Template that contains Texts and Line Studies.

* Chart X-Axis scroll-one-date arrow cursors are now properly disabled when chart is fully scrolled to beginning or end of data.

* Fixed formatting of text in the New Version alert window.

* Fixed issue with multiple crosshairs displaying when other windows were merged into hidden tabs.

4.312  -  160  -  5/11/21

ProTA 4.312 is an important update for all users including new and completely updated Ticker Lists, additional flexibility with several key ProTAscript functions, improved scrolling options for all charts, and over a dozen bug fixes and performance optimizations. 

Updated Ticker Lists

* When adding new tickers, the Ticker Lists now include new categories for Cryptos and Futures.

* All existing Ticker List categories have been updated with current lists from the various exchanges.

Additional Flexibility With Several ProTAscript Functions

* The following ProTAscript functions now accept computed variable (Array) parameters: AutoLRTL(), AutoRL(), AutoTL(), StdDev(), MA().  This allows for some entirely new approaches in some of your existing indicators.  For example, the code below now plots Linear Regression channels using a computed or specific start date of your choice:

Another example uses the new variable array Period parameter of the MA() function to compute the Hull Moving Average:

New Scrolling Commands

* Added Scroll Chart One Date Forward/Backward commands to the Charts menu as well as mouse-clickable areas on the left and right sides of the Time (X) Axis.

Easier File Name Editing

* Added Edit Name command to all source file tables' gear widget.

* Adding a new file to any authoring window now begins an immediate edit session of the “Untitled” default name.

Many Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

* Daily Trendlines are now hidden on Intraday charts to prevent misleading renders.

* Custom Indicator file and Trading System file modification triggers are now more strictly determined to limit unnecessary chart recalculations.  

* Intraday timeframe Crypto and Index charts will now update around the clock.  

* Reduced iCloud Sync file size by removing additional unnecessary files before uploading. 

* Improved timing fidelity of automated Yahoo sessions.

* Fixed issue with multiple crosshairs displaying when other windows were hidden to the Dock.

* Fixed a potential corruption issue when adding and removing many columns to a content table over time.

4.31  -  158  -  3/31/21

ProTA 4.31 is a required update for all users.  

In early 2021, Yahoo rolled out a new level of rate limitation for queries to its servers.  If your IP address exceeds the new new query limits (limits per minute, per hour and per day), your IP address is flagged for a period of time and you will not receive any responses from their server until the flag clears.  ProTA 4.31 complies with the new 2021 rate throttling levels, avoiding any flags, collars, or any other interruptions to your data updates.  

Version 4.31 also includes several improvements related to intraday data display and additional stability fixes.

Updated Yahoo Interface

* Networking adjustments to accommodate the new 2021 Yahoo query limits.

* Improved the information provided in the Yahoo session logs (Tools menu: Logs).

* Additional log files are now generated and saved in the ProTA/Logs folder.

* Data Downloader window (cmd-D) now displays estimated time remaining and improved status messaging.

Improved Exporting and Bug Fixes

* Exporting intraday data now includes time of day in the date field.

* Fixed time zone shifting issue related to intraday charting.

* Additional stability bug fixes.

4.301  -  155  -  12/18/20

ProTA 4.301 fixes potential crashing issues related to several of the new indicators added in the 4.3 release.

4.3  -  154  -  11/18/20

Initial release of ProTA 4.3.

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