ProTA  4.2

Intraday Charting • Meters • Automatic Trendlines • Syntax Coloring

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Automatic, Free Intraday Charting and Analysis

ProTA has always supported multiple time Periodicities in the X-Axis:  Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.  But have you ever wished you could zoom in to an intraday snapshot of the most recent trading action?


ProTA 4.2 now provides intraday charting with five new Periodicity options:  1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 Minute Bars.  Intraday charts are automatically refreshed each minute:

ProTA Intraday Chart Suites

Additionally, a new set of Intraday Ticker Inspectors are available at the bottom right of any Chart Suite.  Zoom the intraday chart to display anywhere from the most recent hour out to the most recent 3 days.


Below is an example Intraday Inspector showing the current day intraday chart along with headline news links:

ProTA Intraday Inspector
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Display and Rank with Meters

Meters are new column styles used to Rank and Display a graphical representation of the data associated with each ticker in a table:

ProTA Chart Suite with Meters
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Algorithmic Trendline Analysis

Auto Trendlines is a new indicator to automatically compute and display support and resistance trendlines based on recent trading data.

ProTA Auto Trendlines - AAPL
ProTA Auto Trendlines - C
ProTA Auto Trendlines - DIS
ProTA Auto Trendlines - P
ProTA Auto Trendlines - TSLA
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ProTAscript Syntax Coloring

ProTAScript in monochrome

The clarity, intent and general readability of your ProTAscript code is dramatically improved with the new automatic syntax coloring and customizable font selection:



ProTAScript with Syntax Coloring
ProTAscript Syntax Coloring Preferences window

Additional minor features include several macOS High Sierra (10.13) updates, new trading system output, improved support for detected stock splits and dividends and the ability to track unadjusted data.

Free Upgrade!

As with all ProTA 4 updates, ProTA 4.2 is a free update for all users.

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