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Current Version:   4.5

Please upgrade to the most current version.

To upgrade, download the software, then drag it to your Applications folder replacing any older version of ProTA.

May 21, 2024


ProTA 4.5 adds a new Global Menubar Extra for global access to your current watchlist as well as an optional rotating ticker display. ProTA itself continues to run on macOS as far back as 10.14 Mohave, but this new Menubar feature can only present itself on macOS 13 or higher.  Additional new features, file updates, and optimizations are detailed in the version history page.


The current status of in-app data downloading is as follows:


End-of-Day Historical Quotes

Intraday Timeframe Charting


Bulk-Intraday Updates

Fundamental Data








Software & Activation

Data & Tickers

ProTA Mobile

What are the minimum System Requirements?

ProTA has been updated for the latest macOS 14 Sonoma, but minimally requires Mac OS X 10.14 Mojave or higher.  ProTA is a Universal Binary which means it has been optimized to run at maximum, native speeds on both Intel processors as well as the latest Apple Silicon Macs.

What is Trial Mode?

When you download ProTA from our web site, you are actually downloading the full, commercial version of the program.  ProTA runs in Trial Mode when there is no Activation Code present or when an Activation Code has expired.


In Trial Mode, all features are fully functional with one exception:  Your charting and analysis is limited to the sample tickers that are shipped with ProTA specifically for the Trial Mode.  The Trial Mode tickers include AAPL, GOOGL and a small, hand-picked collection of others.  The Trial Mode tickers can be updated using ProTA's Data Downloader; in fact all features are fully functional when used with the Trial Mode tickers.  Trial Mode never expires.


Some things you cannot do in Trial Mode:  Add new tickers, edit existing ticker symbols, access charts/data outside of the 20 Trial Mode tickers.

Why do I need an Activation Code and what does it do?

An Activation Code unlocks the ProTA database allowing an unlimited number of ticker symbols.  Without an Activation Code (or when an Activation Code expires), ProTA operates in Trial Mode (see above) and is limited to working with a small handful of specific Trial Mode tickers.


Visit BeeSoft's ordering page to Purchase an Activation Code.  The code will be sent to your email address.  When you enter the Activation Code into the ProTA software, the database is unlocked for the amount of time purchased.

Other than Activation, is there any additional cost?

In most cases, no.  ProTA's built-in Data Downloader is powered by Yahoo! Finance and there is no additional cost to use the downloader.


If you find that you cannot use the Yahoo! service (you need to track Options, Futures, or you need commercial rights), you may choose to use a 3rd-party data source such as Dial Data or  These companies charge fees for some services and so in these cases, there would be an extra cost paid to the data company of your choice.

What happens to my charts and data when my Activation Code expires?

When an Activation Code expires, ProTA reverts back to Trial Mode (see above).  Your tickers, charts and data files are NOT deleted.  However, in Trial Mode, you will only be able to view, edit and otherwise work with the small handful of specific Trial Mode tickers.


To avoid an expiration, simply Purchase an extension to your existing Activation any time before it expires.

How do I update my software to the latest version?

ProTA does not use an installer or any special approach to installing the software.  To upgrade to a newer version:


1.  Download the latest version from


2.  Quit ProTA if it running, then drag the downloaded application to your Applications folder replacing any older version.

What if BeeSoft stops offering or supporting ProTA?

BeeSoft has been developing and supporting ProTA for Mac OS X for more than 20 years and is committed the future.  In the unlikely event ProTA development and support comes to an end, we would remove the expiration from the software.

Can ProTA place orders with my broker?

No, ProTA currently has no connection with any brokers.

Can ProTA chart intraday data?

Yes, any chart can be toggled to a 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60-Min Bar view to see the most recent intraday action.  Additionally, ProTA's Data Downloader will repeatedly refresh tickers in your daily database every 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes during trading hours (some markets delayed data).  All of your Smartlists, Content Tables, and Charts are automatically refreshed as new data is acquired throughout the day.

Which tickers are supported by ProTA's Data Downloader?

ProTA's Data Downloader downloads quotes from Yahoo! Finance.   Generally, any ticker available via can be added to ProTA's TickerPicker and updated via the Data Downloader.


Please note:  Yahoo! Finance data is to be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY.   Quoting section 12. of the Yahoo Terms of Service (  You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any portion or use of, or access to, the Yahoo Services.

Which markets and countries are supported?

ProTA itself will work with any market.  The software includes preferences and settings to support a wide range of international date and number formats.


ProTA's Data Downloader downloads quotes from Yahoo! Finance which is international in scope cover most of the world's stock markets.   Generally, any ticker available via can be added to ProTA's TickerPicker and updated via the Data Downloader.

How can I track additional tickers such as Options?

ProTA's Data Downloader can update virtually all stocks, mutual funds and many market indexes via Yahoo! Finance.   For tickers outside of Yahoo! Finance's scope (such as Options), ProTA provides three supplemental solutions:


1.  Universal Text Importer:  ProTA can import almost any text-based data file including ASCII, CSV, and Metastock ASCII formats.  In this way, ProTA supports most web-based data vendors such as and


2.  Dial Data:  ProTA includes a complete downloading solution for Track Data's Dial Data service.


3.  Manual Entry:  ProTA's TickerPicker window allows for manual quotes input and pasting, much like a spreadsheet.

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