ProTA displayed on an iPhone, iPad, iMac and Powerbook Pro


The ProTA market analysis platform consists of a powerful desktop application as well as new companion mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.

A single ProTA platform Activation Code unlocks every powerful feature on all of your devices.

No matter where you find yourself, your custom charting and analysis is always just a tap away!

Step 1: In Your ProTA Desktop Application

In the main Chart Suites window (cmd-O), select which chart suites you'd like to copy over to your iOS device(s):


Select any row or rows and then choose Toggle ProTA Mobile Sync from the gear widget at the bottom.


You will see an iCloud icon displayed in each row chosen for syncing.

ProTA Mobile Sync window
Toggling ProTA Mobile Sync status in ProTA's Chart Suites window

In the ProTA Mobile Sync window (available from the Tools menu), click the Tickers button to select which tickers (up to 100) to include in the sync.


When done, click the Upload Now button.  The process will commonly take less than 30 seconds to complete.

Step 2: In Your ProTA Mobile App 

To download and install the exported desktop files:


Click the gear widget near the bottom of any chart to view the administration window.


In the iCloud Sync tab, click the Sync Now button.


The entire process is commonly completed in less than a minute!

ProTA Mobile's iCloud Sync tab

If you are experiencing problems syncing to your iOS devices, please click here for some troubleshooting tips.  

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