What is ProTA

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ProTA is a complete market charting and technical analysis solution specifically for macOS and iOS.  

ProTA was designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the elegant Apple interfaces.  A combination of modern programming techniques, compliant interface design, and close attention to our customers’ feedback has resulted in software truly representing the state-of-the-art in Apple- based investment software.

A full suite of integrated tools covers every aspect of computer-based charting and analysis.

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ProTA for macOS desktop is your primary workstation and authoring tool.  Please download the latest, free macOS desktop application right here from our web site.

How to Install

ProTA running on a Powerbook Pro
ProTA Mobile running on an iPhone

ProTA Mobile for iOS is a companion to your ProTA desktop software.  Please visit the App Store on your Apple mobile devices to download the free companion ProTA Mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.

Free Trial Mode

Both ProTA and ProTA Mobile applications can be used in free Trial mode indefinitely, and both applications can be used independently of the other.  In Free Trial Mode, ProTA is limited to 20 ticker symbols and iCloud Sync is disabled.

When you are ready to take control and make more informed trades, a single Activation Code unlocks all ProTA features on all devices for the most expansive Apple-based charting and custom analysis experience!

Take Control     Gain Confidence

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