Find the securities meeting your custom criteria

With ProTA, you can track hundreds, or even thousands of tickers from around the globe - that's a lot of charts to review!  

Instead of manually paging through hundreds or thousands of charts looking for patterns, crossovers, breakouts, you can codify your criteria into a simple formula and let ProTA find all of the matches for you.

ProTA Smartlists window

Use simple ProTAscript code to automatically find the securities that meet your own custom criteria, for example "Up or Down > 2% Today".

ProTA Chart Suite displaying Smartlist results

We’ve applied the "Up or Down > 2% Today" Smartlist to this Chart Suite. 

 As the ProTA downloader updates your quotes database throughout the day and night, your Smartlists are automatically refreshed to always display only the items currently meeting your chosen criteria. 

Use Smartlists to:

This is just a small sampling of possible criteria.  

Since your criteria is specified with ProTAscript, the only limit is your imagination.

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