iPhone & iPad

Your custom analysis is always at hand with ProTA Mobile

While ProTA for Mac desktop remains your primary authoring and testing application, the ProTA platform also consists of companion apps for your iOS devices.

Sync your ProTA desktop Chart Suites to all of your iOS devices.

Your Charts, Indicators, Smartlists, current News, Fundamentals are always kept up to date.

ProTA Mobile Chart Suite

Tap to select, pinch to zoom, drag to scroll, swipe to page.  

ProTA Mobile Periodicity options

Switch between Chart Suites, Templates, Periodicities.  

Manage a custom tickers database, automated data refreshing options, iCloud syncing and much more.

Adding a new ticker in ProTA Mobile
ProTA Mobile Chart Suits selection pane

Your existing ProTA Activation Code unlocks every powerful feature on all of your devices.

No matter where you find yourself, your custom analysis is always just a tap away!

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