ProTA  4.1

Major New Features to Find Better Trades

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Screen and Rank Your Database with Fundamental Data

ProTA Chart Suite ranking fundamental data
  • ProTA’s automated Data Downloader now also obtains 23 of the most important Fundamental Data values for the Stocks in your database.

  • Display and Rank your Stocks based on any or all of the following metrics:

Price/Earnings Ratio

Price/Earnings (Estimated Current Year) Ratio

Price/Earnings (Estimated Next Year) Ratio

Price/Earnings to Growth Ratio

Price/Sales Ratio

Price/Book Value Ratio


Earnings per Share

EPS Estimate for Current Year

EPS Estimate for Next Year

EPS Estimate for Next Quarter

Book Value per Share

Average of Analysts’ One Year Price Target


Revenue (Sales)

Earnings Before Income Taxes, Depreciation, Amortization

Market Capitalization


Annual Dividend per Share

Dividend Yield

Date of Last Dividend

Last Ex-Dividend Date


Short Ratio

Number of Floating Shares

Shares Outstanding

Listed Stock Exchange

ProTA Smartlist using fundamental data
  • The best of both worlds:  Create Smartlists to scan your database based on both Fundamental metrics as well as Technical Analysis.
ProTA Chart Suite sorting by P/E Ratio
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Current Headlines & News

ProTA Chart Suite displaying news headlines
  • A brand new Inspector view provides current, up-to-date newswire headlines.

  • Click any headline to read the entire story in your web browser.  Click the Y! button to visit Yahoo's summary page for the current ticker which often includes links to financial statements, company statistics, options prices.
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Export & Import File Archives

Exporting ProTA files to an Archive
  • Export individual files from your ProTA windows to a new, portable, sharable, external file archive.  Exported files can be stored anywhere on your hard drive, moved to a flash drive, or sent in an email to another ProTA user.

  • Import archived files to add them to your ProTA database.

  • To share your creations, export files then drag them into an email to another ProTA user.  The recipient can simply drag the files directly from the body of the email onto the ProTA icon to import them.

ProTA Customers Playing an Important Role

ProTA New Version window

As a ProTA user, you may not be a developer yourself, but your suggestions and feedback are warmly welcomed and embraced.  Thank you for helping to shape the future of ProTA:

Free Upgrade!

As with all ProTA 4 updates, ProTA 4.1 is a free update for all users.

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