Data Maintenance

ProTA handles all aspects of data acquisition and maintenance

ProTA TickerPicker window

Set it and forget it

 Integrated, free data via Yahoo! Finance. 

Configure once, then set it aside.  Automatically refreshes your data throughout the trading day

as well as a final update in the evening after the markets have settled.

Comprehensive and global in scope. Spend your valuable time charting and analyzing, not messing with data.

ProTA Add Tickers window

ProTA includes a handy database of the most commonly tracked stocks, mutual funds, currencies, cryptos, and indexes, that are obtainable via the integrated Data Downloader.


(USA , Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore are currently supported this way.  All other countries are supported by simply typing in any Yahoo! ticker symbols to be tracked.)

ProTA's Universal Text Importer (UTI) automatically detects, parses, and imports a wide variety of data formats. Virtually any comma, tab or space delimited text file is supported.  The UTI is a great tool for importing web-based data vendor files (such as to track securities that cannot be provided by Yahoo! Finance.

The TickerPicker is the central repository for ProTA's market data.

 Track thousands of tickers, each with up to 100 years of historical data

stored locally on your hard drive for nearly instantaneous data response.

ProTA Data Downloader window
ProTA Universal Text Importer window

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